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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by aatjitra, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I am a fans of MIUI for their nice looking ROM.

    One bug I encountered with this ROM in Galaxy Nexus is in camera when you switch to video camera, it will fail and force closed other than that, everything is just nice.

    So I deodexed and recompile the ICS stock camera to be used in MIUI and it works flawlessly.

    You can try it here.

    Just copy to folder Download in your phone storage and use File Explorer comes with MIUI ROM to install it.

    Hope you guys like it.
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    Thanks! I can confirm this version is working without any problems.
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    Thank you for the fix!
  4. anuyog

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    can it works in galaxy ace??
  5. aatjitra

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    No. It is for Galaxy Nexus.

    You will need to recompile the camera apps for Galaxy Ace based own GB ROM.
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    my problem solved
  7. Richard Kay

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    Works a treat.

    Nice work :cool:
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    Thank you so much. Works cool.

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    cold you give me the steps how to recompile stock camera and compose it into rom
    becz i have sony neo v device
    thank you for your effort
  10. aatjitra

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    Basically it is a simple deodexing apk file which I took from factory shipped ROM to be used with MIUI deodexed ROM. I'll give you an example on Galaxy Nexus. I am not using Sony Neo V therefore you will need to modify these commands slightly to suit your device.

    These are steps you need to do and you must have java sdk installed on your PC:

    1. Download this and extract it somewhere for example is under C:\Project (you need to create new directory on your C drive with name 'Project').

    2. Create new folder under C:\Project and name it as 'framework'.

    3. Extract your factory shipped ROM which camera is fully functioning, in this example, I extract the factoryimage.fs from Galaxy Nexus. Convert it to ext4 and use LinuxDiskInternal to extract it.

    4. Copy all files under '/System/framework' from extracted factory shipped ROM to 'C:\Project\framework'.

    5. Copy the application .apk file with its odex into C:\Project.

    This is a folder /framework will look like:

    and this is a folder C:/Project will look like:

    6. Open terminal and go to folder C:\Project.

    7. Type this: java -Xmx1024m -jar baksmali.jar -d C:\Project\framework -x CameraGoogle.odex

    This will create folder /out under C:\Project.

    8. Type this: java -Xmx1024m -jar smali.jar out -o classes.dex

    This will create a file classess.dex in C:\Project.

    9. Open file CameraGoogle.apk with winrar. Don't extract it but just open it and leave the windows open.

    10. Drag file classes.dex into window CameraGoogle.apk.

    This is how the file will look like:

    11. Close the apk and back to the terminal.

    12. Type this: zipalign -v 4 CameraGoogle.apk zip_CameraGoogle.apk

    This is to zipalign the apk file.

    13. Type this: java -jar SignUpdate.jar zip_CameraGoogle.apk

    14. You will have an output file: signed_zip_CameraGoogle.apk

    Finish. Just install it as like other apk file.

    Hope this is clear enough.
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