I'm a newbie and I need some help with my new MI3

Aug 28, 2014
Hey guys,

I bought a XiaoMi 3 smartphone in a street-store in Shenzhen a few days ago. It cost 1200¥ and now I suspect it is fake, but I'm still not sure about that :s
It's my first smartphone and I have no experience with Android (and even less with MIUI, of course).

I was able to change the system's language to English, though some apps still are in chinese.

In order to use the applications I'm used to (lets say, e.g., Instagram), I would like to install Google Play Store.

Now begins the epic. I spent 2 days following all kinds of tutorials in this forum and all around the web and I wasn't able to properly install the Google Play Store. I was also unable to root or flash my phone as well!

I tried to install Google Play Store using several different methods, tried to flash and tried to root my phone, and I failed at all.

Let me point an important fact: apparently, I don't have the updater app installed on my phone!

The following pictures are screenshots of my phone's settings:

Before hand, let me thank you guys for any help! ;)

EDIT: When I install Google Play Store using Eric Xiang's google installer app, I can't use it because the Google Play Store app always crash when I launch it.
Nov 27, 2012
You could try updating it, but the phone being fake, it might cause some (more) issues. If it's not an urgent reason to update, you might want to leave it?
Otherwise, you might try sideloading the zip (try ftp, or any other method) in the top directory (root folder).
Make sure the file is named update.zip
and try using "update from sd card"

It might be worth a try.
Sep 6, 2014
hi guys, i bought a mi3 before a few days from to2c and i installed the new greek stable rom from miui.gr, 3.13

the bigger problem is that it cant go from 2G to 3G automate when i choose this setting.. so until now i must choose if i want fast internet or good sign for calls..
Aug 14, 2014
Really sorry to hear about this
Before buying u should be enquired a lot,if u can try to get another device from that same shop
If u got warranty then visit service centres