I'm new to this forum, Hello! I have a question about buying the new redmi note 7 CN


Feb 1, 2019
This helps me a lot after waiting 13 days to unlock
Thank a lot.

At first don't cry. I had this exact same message after unlocking the smartphone and I solved it. Now I have TWRP and Xiaomi.eu working. Also, for the people who thinks this is the unlock path/code or even the password of the Xiaomi account, none if them worked for me.

Unfortunately I forgot what I did exactly but if I remember correctly when this message poped I did a factory reset in the default recovery mode. Once I rebooted it didn't ask me for that password (maybe I did ask the password of my Xiaomi account). Once in MIUI, I configured the developer settings, with USB debugging etc... and made sure to set a password to unlock the phone (a temporary one like "1234"), in case the message "To start Android, enter your password" comes again. Then I logout of my Xiaomi account and proceeded normally to install TWRP and Custom roms:

1) Download the latest stable version by Xiaomi.eu (xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote7_V10.2.8.0.PFGCNXM_v10-9.zip) and copy it to the root of your smartphone
2) Download the latest version of TWRP for HMNote7 (Lavender 3.2.3-0121)
3) Run Minimal ADB fastboot 1.4.1 (portable), check that the phone is connected to the computer:
adb devices (if not be sure to allow the computer to connect with USB debugging, it's the popup that asks for authorization)
4) Reboot the smartphone in Fastboot
5) Double-check that it is properly connected:
fastboot devices
6) Copy twrp.img in the folder of Minimal ADB fastboot 1.4.1
7) Flash:
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
8) Remove the smartphone from the PC, don't turn it off (important) and hold Volume Up + Power to boot in TWRP
9) Flash MIUI
10) Wipe cache/Dalvik/Data
11) Reboot