I'm really trying HARD to like MIUI...

Sep 23, 2012
I'm new to custom ROMS and flashed my phone last night. I like MIUI, but I have two questions about the interface:

#1 Is there not an apps drawer? Or do I just need to set up folders? I liked having an "apps" button that took me to all my apps instead of them spread out all over the place on the screens. Its not a big deal, just curious.

#2 My theme manager doesn't work. I can't change ANYTHING about the lock screen at all. I've tried changing the layout, changing the background, nothing works. The main wallpaper in my theme will change itself from what I pick to the "grass" looking wallpaper by itself whenever I open up the MIUI toolbox. weird.

I can live with #1, #2 is driving me nuts! ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Droid X
Android version 4.04
Kernel version #1
Build number MIUI-2.7.6 IMM76L


Script Gatekeeper
Oct 31, 2011
#1) There is no app-drawer. Make a folder and put all the apps in it. Boom app-drawer.

#2) Strange, your running a Droid X though. That doensn't have official MIUI, so whoever ported it just didn't quite finish the porting correctly for themes to work.