I'm selling everything


Jan 23, 2013
So I'm selling a Xiami Mi2 for parts and all the accessories.
-3 battery's
-2 battery back covers black and white
-one white phone cover nilkin
- original charger and cable
-extra charge that can charge the phone and an additional battery
-4 screen protectors

Here's an album with pictures : http://imgur.com/a/dfCiV

The Phone itself is sold for parts.
I once dropped it and then replaced the lcd screen and digitizer. The digitizer is I think now broken again (only bottom part responds). It might work again by replacing the digitizer, but I'm tired of fixing it.

I'm happy with whatever people are willing to pay for the lot. But keep in mind you have to pay for the shipping costs also. I live in Belgium so People who live in Europe will probably have to pay less. Payment methods are discus-able. But I'd prefer paypal.

In my humble opinion Xiaomi Mi2 was a great phone and I loved it, but they need to switch to Gorrilla Glass.

Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions.