Imi Security Camera 1080p Global not connecting to Google Home


Mar 5, 2020

I bought a "Imi Security Camera 1080p Global".

Unfortunately, I'm not able to get that device into my Google Home account.
I need the function to control the camera via Google Assistant, which is not working when it's not connected to Google Home.

According your last statement regarding the issue of Videos streaming of other's cameras (Privacy issue), u already fixed the cause and the connection between Google and Xiaomi is fully restored...
So could you please tell me, what I need to do, to get my Imi camera connected to my Google Home account?

I alsao just wonder about the facts:

Imi Security Camera 1080p Global: I'm not able to connect to Google Home and not controlled by Google Assistant
Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p": I'm able to connect to Google Gome and I'm able to stream the Video via Google Assistant.

Why the IMI cam is not able and the Mi cam is able to connect to the Google Home???
Xiaomi advertise both cameras are in the same ecosystem of Xiaomi...???

Best regards from Germany.