In-call volume problem / how to disable noise cancellation

Jul 5, 2013

I've got my Xiaomi Mi2S with a microphone problem: The in-call volume turns low and becomes unclear for the recipent all of the sudden. It sounds like I'm miles away from the mic sometimes and gets weird voice. This only occur when talking ear mode - talking in speaker mode is no problem. I'm not blocking any of the mics and I have the latest version. It was like this the first phone call I had with the phone.

Apparently it's the noise-cancellation feature which seems to register my talking voice as noise and therefore canceling it out. At least it is what I think. So, is there a way to disable this feature?

Cool phone otherwise.


EDIT: I'm so sorry, I really should have searched the forum before I posted.
Problem with in-call problem seems to be fixed by simply blocking the 2nd mic (the one on the back near the camera). I guess I have to do that until they release an update that fix the sensitivity in the noise-cancellation. Althought disabling it completely would be nice. :)

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