Incoming calls


Feb 22, 2023
Hello my dear community,

I recently got rom(Version14.0.3.0, Android 12) on my Redmi Note 9 Pro(joyeuse) device, and so far everything works flawlessly.

There is one exception to it tho. When I recieve a call, I usually get a notificaiton on my notification bar, but I don't get the screen to answer it, only if I press on the notification. I tried to install Google phone, which does the same thing. I get the notification, but no call screen. On another note, for the system dialer, I seem to be getting that little timer in the corner, but not the Google phone.

Is there a fix for it, or am I missing something? It is a pretty huge deal becuase I usually have to press on the notification, and then press answer which is why I miss a lot of calls because I can't pick them up in time.

Thanks for the help in advance.

P.S.: The pictures in order show the: First two: the system dialer, the third: the google phone, and the forth is the screen which only comes up if I press on the notification, for some reason it won't come up by itself.

P.S. #2: I hope I posted this in the right place.