Is MTP always this unreliable?

Feb 27, 2013
Having always used USB Mass Storage when given the choice before, this is my first time transferring files using MTP since we don't appear to have a choice on the MI2. Now I'm finding this to be very hit-and-miss...

I first discovered what appeared to be FAT table corruption on the internal SD when I couldn't move or delete a particular folder, and with no way to run chkdsk I thought I'd simply backup the contents of the SD card, format it and copy them back.

But trying to copy from the device didn't work properly (using Windows 7), as it would just stop or skip random folders silently without even telling me "this can't be copied for x reason". So I had to go back and find the individual missing ones and copy what I could.

Then I formatted the SD card via CWM - that went ok...

But trying to copy back to my device keeps meeting "Cannot copy x - the device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected". This is a nightmare!!!

Oh, and somehow connecting via MTP appears to be killing my mobile network on the phone - if you believe that?!? But it has happened a few times, and only when connected to my PC, so this isn't looking like a coincidence..

Have tried with USB debugging on and off, with no difference to the above symptoms.