Is there any fix for battery drain on Redmi Note 10 Pro ?


Nov 12, 2021

I recently bought Redmi Note 10 Pro 6/128gb and since first day of use I have noticed, that battery drain on this phone is horrible. Literally, just watching Youtube for 1 hour drains my battery for +-15%. Playing COD mobile for exactly on hour drained my battery from 75% to 35%. I switched from Redmi Note 8 Pro, which had smaller battery, worse CPU and IPS display and I could literally use that phone for 2 days straight, even when playing some games. I didnt expect at all, Note 10 Pro would have such a problem with such a hardware. Often I have to charge the phone even 2 times a day. What I have tried is disabling all processes in background, automatic startup for apps, also I have ALWAYS turned on battery saving and my display brighteness is at around 30%. So are there any fixes that worked for you ? I heard that the problem is in MIUI and Xiaomi knows about this problem, but I got 2 udpates already - 12.5.4 and now 12.5.6 and in my opinion, battery drain is even worse.

Thanks for the answers and help.