Issue during call on loudspeaker


Jun 28, 2022
Hello everyone,

So I just bought the Xiaomi 11T and I really love this phone, but I'm facing a bizarre issue. During a call if I turn to loudspeaker, the other person on the line says that I sound like my mic is blocked or something, and my voice is lower. It doesn't occur if I'm talking in handset mode of with any kind of earphones. It occurs on any kind of call (Phone, WhatsApp, Telegram...)
Another weird thing is that the when in loudspeaker, the other person hears any noise resulting from me moving the phone in my hand very very loudly. I'm on MIUI 13.0.5 EU version.

I really like this phone and do not wish to return it, does anyone face this issue? how do you solve it?

Thank you