Resolved issue Red frame around margin on 4.0.4

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Giao Nguyen, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Dear all valued member,

    My phone has appeared the red frame around margin of phone and i thought it was infected virus , but i scaned by Avast and AVG but not detected any caution .

    Image of this issue :[​IMG]

    Pls give me some solutions
  2. ingbrzy Multilang leader
    Staff Member

    lol... disable it in developers option you play with...
  3. Thank for your idea ingbrzy , I get into Settings > uncheck Strict mode enable ( Flash screen when app do long operation on main thread)...

    Anh I faced another issue is WIFI can not turn on , like image below
    I went into the settings menu and found that the Wi-Fi On/Off toggle was gray and could not be toggled. Then I went into the Wi-Fi settings and was greeted by the message “Turning Wi-Fi on...”. No matter what I do Wi-Fi never turns on.

    Could you help me to fix ingbrzy ? I really appreciate your action .
  4. ingbrzy Multilang leader
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    just change your kernel...
  5. Pls guide me more details , thank so much ...
  6. ingbrzy Multilang leader
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    dont know what is your phone... find any of kernels on XDA and flash it...
  7. My phone is brand in China ( GIONEE phone )

    I have downloaded Rom stock and i don't know how to run it ?
  8. ingbrzy Multilang leader
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    Are you running MIUI?
    Sorry we don't support other Chinese phones... Only Xiaomi...
  9. Thank for your quick support.
    Due to I have to fix the WiFi issue first , but many friend used MIUI ROM for phone as mine
  10. But could you provdie any example for flash kernel ...? I never trying to do it ..
  11. ingbrzy Multilang leader
    Staff Member

    I dont know your phone... sorry for that..

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