Resolved issue Red frame around margin on 4.0.4

Feb 23, 2013
Dear all valued member,

My phone has appeared the red frame around margin of phone and i thought it was infected virus , but i scaned by Avast and AVG but not detected any caution .

Image of this issue :

Pls give me some solutions
Feb 23, 2013
lol... disable it in developers option you play with...
Thank for your idea ingbrzy , I get into Settings > uncheck Strict mode enable ( Flash screen when app do long operation on main thread)...

Anh I faced another issue is WIFI can not turn on , like image below
I went into the settings menu and found that the Wi-Fi On/Off toggle was gray and could not be toggled. Then I went into the Wi-Fi settings and was greeted by the message “Turning Wi-Fi on...”. No matter what I do Wi-Fi never turns on.

Could you help me to fix ingbrzy ? I really appreciate your action .

ingbrzy Multilang leader
Staff member
Feb 11, 2012
Are you running MIUI?
Sorry we don't support other Chinese phones... Only Xiaomi...