New It's been a year now with partial theme bug, DEAR MODERATORS PLEASE HELP!

Dec 16, 2012
Hi everyone,
One year ago already I made the first post to get some help with a bug that causes themes in MIUI on Mi2 phone (v5 4.1 aries) to apply only partially on my UI, even when everything is selected from that theme or if I combinedoesn't matter-->it wont apply correctly.
- Dialer theme does not apply to contacts view only dialer buttons
- Home theme, status bar theme... NOTHING applies to my system settings view

I know I'm not the only one experiencing this, but I am maybe the only person who never got any assistance for this.

I tried installing CWM (already back to mirecovery imt) to be able to erase dalvik cache as I read once that this should work for this issue: IT DOESN'T

So finally people: WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?!!!
Thank you very very very much in advance!
Sep 22, 2014
I have the same problem as Nico. I was just looking for a solution on a forum before I ask for help and that's when I found this post.

So, please.. help us if you know how to fix this. Its not a major problem, but sure is the stupid one. :D

P.S. I am using mi3 with the latest rom (4.10.24) and I have been experiencing this problem since I bought my MI3 two month ago. (Not sure which version of the rom I used at the beginning.)