HTC [( JELLY BEAN )] [MIUI JB - 2.12.14_v2] - [DISCONTINUED]

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    THE FIRST JB MIUI ROM for Desire HD & Inspire 4G!
    This ROM includes Inspire 4G audio fix (tiny audio) build in. No need to flash anything else.

    THIS ROM HAS BEEN MADE BY ScOut3R, with the help of Dekkyy & iBotPeaches (and maintained by me ;) )

    Change log:
    UPDATE - [17/12/2012]
    - fixed ShellService (boots with a clean install)
    - New MIUI base 2.12.14 (read full changelog)
    - Reverted back to JellyTime R6 because of the Facebook connection issue
    - Please note that JT R6 is overclocking the CPU to 1.2Ghz so use a 3rd party app to set it to 1GHz or you will experience instability
    - Updateable via ROM Manager or Goo Manager :)
    - New MIUI base 2.9.14 (read full changelog)
    - Goo Manager and ROM Manager support added (available through those sources too)
    - Clock speed set back to stock 1GHz by upstream base
    - Known issue: privacy protection might not work at first try. (Just enable it, reboot and it should be okay.)
    Upstream issues
    - headset buttons do not work yet
    - HW overlay if you experience graphical issues
    - some users report a blackscreen on first system sound usually at the lockscreen that causes a need to lock and unlock screen again
    - Mobile data network connection fixed
    - Signal strength display fixed
    - New MIUI BASE 2.9.7 (see full changelog for details)
    - Facebook issue solved
    - Camera is buggy but working (test and report)
    - FULL WIPE is MANDATORY (this is a new JB rom base)
    - New MIUI BASE 2.8.3 (read full changelog for more info)
    - Known issue: Facebook has connection problem
    - New MIUI BASE 2.7.27 (read full changelog for more info)
    - Settings app on/off switch graphical glitch seems to be fixed
    - Known issue: Facebook has connection problem
    - New MIUI BASE 2.7.20 (read full changelog for more info)
    - Known issue: Facebook has connection problem
    - Fixed graphical glitches
    - New MIUI base 2.7.13 (
    - Special thanks to dekkyy and iBotPeaches for their help and contribution
    - Multilingual support removed temporarily (my first ROM, i'm glad it works at all :))
    - Some graphical glitches might occur with certain applications (e.g. Twitter), being worked on
    - New MIUI base 2.5.25 (read full changelog)
    - Multilingual support
    - New MIUI base 2.5.18 (read full changelog)
    - Fixed long press Power button to cause a hot reboot
    - New MIUI base 2.5.11 (read full changelog)
    - New LordClockan's kernel 9.7.2 CFS
    - New MIUI base 2.5.4 (read full changelog)
    - New LordClockan's ICS build 7.4 STABLE
    - New MIUI base 2.4.27 (read full changelog)
    - New base: LordClockan's ICS build 7.3 STABLE
    - New MIUI base 2.4.20 (read changelog)
    - Maps removed
    - New MIUI changelog 2.4.13.
    - LordClockan's ICS build 7.3 test2 - wifi issues all fixed
    - New MIUI changelog 2.4.6.
    - Added 4-way reboot menu
    - Fixed Phone FC
    - FIxed Mobile DATA
    - Fixed SMS, Camera & Phone FC
    - New base: LordClockan's ICS build 7.0 (4.0.4) - will post full change log in 2-nd post
    - New MIUI base 2.3.30 (read changelog)
    - Fixed graphical glitches
    - New MIUI base 2.3.23 (read change log)
    - Fixed USB Mount
    - Fixed mobile operator (finaly)
    - New base: LordClockan's ICS build 6.2 test4
    - Stock camera working with normal and panorama mode (video still no go :(  )
    - Read MIUI changelog
    - Center clock not included
    - 4 way reboot not included
    - Fixed small things in v3
    - Added MIUI ICS Control panel (You can choose center clock or normal) THANKS TO Andy Thomson
    - Added GOO Manager (for OTA updates)
    - New market (Play Store)
    - New base: LordClockan's ICS build 4.3 test2 (pretty damn good base :) )
    - Fixed music FC
    - Reverted back to LordClockan's ICS build 4.1 for fixing the market problem
    - New base: LordClockan's ICS build 4.2
    - Removed center clock
    - Full MIUI changelog
    - New base: LordClockan's ICS build 4.1.1
    - Fixed Security app
    - CRT Animation OFF
    - New base: LordClockan's ICS build 4.1
    - Gallery videos working
    - Youtube low quality working
    - Live Stream working
    - Netflix working
    - Camera nearly perfect. Use aftermarket camera to use it without glitches. READ 2-nd post
    - New MIUI base:
    - Removed Control Panel app
    - Fixed some bugs
    - Fixed Launcher FC's

    Current download:
    DHD MIUI JB 2.12.14_v2
    MD5: n/a
    FULL WIPE is MANDATORY if coming from MIUI prior to 2.9.7

    Old downloads:
    DHD MIUI JB 2.12.14
    DHD MIUI ICS 2.9.14_v2
    DHD MIUI ICS 2.9.7_v2
    DHD MIUI ICS 2.8.10
    DHD MIUI ICS 2.8.3
    DHD MIUI ICS 2.7.27
    DHD MIUI ICS 2.7.20
    DHD MIUI ICS 2.7.13_v2
    RD MIUI ICS 2.5.25
    RD MIUI ICS 2.5.18
    RD MIUI ICS 2.5.11_v2
    RD MIUI ICS 2.5.4
    RD MIUI ICS 2.4.27
    RD MIUI ICS 2.4.20
    RD MIUI ICS 2.4.13
    RD MIUI ICS 2.4.6
    RD MIUI ICS 2.3.30_v3
    RD MIUI ICS 2.3.23_v3
    RD MIUI ICS 2.3.9_v3
    RD MIUI ICS 2.3.2_v4
    RD MIUI ICS 2.3.2_v3
    RD MIUI ICS 2.3.2_v2
    RD MIUI ICS 2.3.2
    RD MIUI ICE 2.2.24_v5
    RD MIUI ICS 2.2.24_v4

    Instructions how to flash:
    1. You must do a FULL WIPE - Attached you have a FULL WIPE EXT4 script (just flash in recovery prior to ROM flashing). - Bugs should be submitted only if a user flashed a clean installation ROM.
    2. Flash rom trough recovery
    3. Reboot & enjoy
    4. If coming from previous version of MIUI and want to kang-test the new rom, then just flash the rom (updater-script wipes cache&dalvik cache). - This may cause unpredictable FC's or even bootloops. This is for those that know what they are doing.
    5. First boot is loooooong

    What doesn't work?
    - Camcorder works only in 480p
    - minor bugs (if any :) )

    Link for kernels:
    Note: Please flash different kernel only if you experience problems like faster battery drain, signal problems and/or overheating or strange bugs. The newest kernel is not always better for your device, you have to try. Google the difference between BFS and CFS to decide. This ROM comes with BFS kernel as default.

    For downloading larger app's from Google Play, go to Downloads/Settings and uncheck Data download prompt.

    NEW VIDEO! MIUI 2.3.23. Thanks for great video form Flow-Wolf

    All credits go to @dekkyy, @ScOut3Rd and @iBotPeaches
    Link to the original RD-MIUI-ICS thread HERE!

    Give big thanks to ScOut3R for giving the DHD new life! Send greetings to the original developer Dekkyy at this LINK HERE!

    Thanks to for the support and translations!

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  2. the_maker

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    MIUI V4 LOCKSCREEN - NEW English version


    Put the .mtz file in Miui/Themes folder and then choose the lockscreen from Theme manager.
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  3. andor44

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    I'm currently on 2.1.20 (with "official" gingerbread). I updated my apps with the built-in backup tool. Can I restore them in ICS with this version after wiping data/cache?
  4. andor44

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    Just installed on my Inspire 4G, working sweet! I know devs hate this, but do you have any ETA on the camcorder and panorama feature?
  5. MarkHUK

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    Thanks for the efforts guys :)
  6. MarkHUK

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    Are the apk translations based on he release? if so could the developer possibly add credit to the xda thread?

    Thanks for the work and posting :)

  7. the_maker

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    Yeap, i just spoke to the Dev. For his GB releases he is using translations since his first build, but for the ICS he is using miui-au edition. He will try in future your tranlsations for sure.

    Here is the link to the GB thread, and today he will write proper credit to you :)
    [ROM] RD-MIUI 2.2.24[EN] (quietly MIUI) 24/2/12
  8. MarkHUK

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    I see, cool. Well the ICS translations and ROM for the Nexus S work perfectly so it is a great base with no added mess just a pure stock ROM in English properly :) and also some fixes.
  9. KVR

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    I am using MIUI 2.2.24 in my DHD. If I want to update my ROM to ICS, do I have to do full wipe?
  10. MarkHUK

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    yes - partitions are very different in ICS. :)
  11. KVR

    KVR Members

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    Thank you so much.
  12. the_maker

    the_maker DHD Forum Moderator

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    Yeap. Mark is always fast :)

    New base updated, should solve some issues, including Music FC and also USB tether fixed for some users reporting that it doesn't work..

    If you have a big battery drain, flash the kernel from the 1-st post and report the findings..

  13. MarkHUK

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    Tethering will be an issue, just to let your user-base know dude :)
  14. the_maker

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    Thanks for the reply mate.. I know the issue, but some are still reporting that is working.. Weird thou.. If someone flashes this ROM, can please upload a report what is the status?

    I reverted to AOKP to test it also.. Works in both rom flawlessly :)

    here is the screen...

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  15. MarkHUK

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    That's not the MIUI v4 though, anyone on MIUI V4 with it working didn't modify the framework-miui-res.apk, if its modified (which most are) then the Settings > More ... > Tethering & portable hotspots when selected will FC with a resource not found exception.

    Looking like apktool is messing things up and creating a blank self closing tag for the array required for this view.
  16. the_maker

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    I understand what you are saying. The framework-res is from AOKP rom, and the miui one as far as i read on the forums makes problems. But, nevertheless, here is a link that maybe you can check if you did not before. I don't know much about coding, but i'm learning :)

    I've been trying to fix the FC's but with little success yet :)
  17. MarkHUK

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    Yea, it's not that :)

    We do some workaround in the framework-miui-res.apk to remove the offset of 0x02 which causes a boot loop for anyone using the file. However the workaround is now causing a problem as the developers are moving code from framework-res to the miui one with little regard for the implications of apktool users who depend on that method for modification of the ROM.

    I've submitted some FC logs to a friend in the company at Xiaomi so we'll see what they come back with.


  18. the_maker

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    You are welcome, i try my best...
    Keep up the good work.
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  19. KVR

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    I did not try the Tethering yet. But the Music application is not working properly.
  20. the_maker

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    Ok tethering most likely will FC, but it will be fixed in next version i hope. But, the Music is running fine here. Other user have reported that it works properly too.. Did you flash v3?

    If not, then flash v3 without full wipe and should be fine.
  21. KVR

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    hei ya, sorry I tried v2 and commented. music is fine in the v3.

    3 issues I noticed with v3

    1. Mobile is getting restarted once in a while
    2. When I try "System Update" button the "About Phone" It throws error and "settings" is closed.
    3. WiFi is disabled when the mobile is restarted.

    Thanks for the prompt responses and the updates. I love MIUI
  22. the_maker

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    @KVR, first question did you do full wipe prior to flashing or you just cleared caches??

    1. The bad flash process (or in proper) can be the casue for restarts. .So far it did not happen to me, or to many users. It can be a problem usually solved by just reflashing the ROM (there is a script for deleting dalvik and phone cache)
    2. The update function doesn't work at this stage, since the cook has to implement update services, or someone else like has to do that..
    3. That is also strange problem. Try as of point 1 to do a new install, or just install over the current instalation..

    I hope some problems will be solved with this steps.. Please report after doing them..
    Thanks for trying ICS, it is a good step forward, trust me :)
  23. KVR

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    I guess I got confused with this restart issue. Actually the phone hanged, not restarted automatically. I removed the dalvik & phone cache before flashing the ROM. But I took a backup of my applications and restored them after flashing. Especially Viber & VoipBuster. I doubt these may cause some problem. So, I removed them and installed again. If the phone hangs again, I shall try to find out the reason and inform you team.

    BTW, I don't know this might be a right place to ask this question. You know, Indic font rendering issue remains with Android. Now They rectified in the ICS webkit. But in the other places like address book and else, the rendering is not done yet. Is there any possibility to work on that issue? Or, do u have any idea, where to find the fix for it. Some of the samsung models show the indic fonts with proper rendering in GB itself. So, I wanted to know what type of rendering they use in their phones and how to implement the same in DHD too.

    Thank you.
  24. the_maker

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    KVR, if you continue to face reboots or freezes, then flash this FULL WIPE script (in recovery) prior to ROM installation, and then without leaving the recovery flash the ROM zip. Please note that due to the huge differences from GB and ICS you must not restore system data of any app.. Or simply install the most used apps from the market, since most of them already have new versions that work properly on ICS.

    And for the indic rendering issues, so far i doubt that any ICS rom has that fixed. Is has been done for the Japanese, Chines and Korean fonts and languages, but not for yours. I will do a little reseasch and post my findings here.

    Hope this helps somehow :)

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  25. KVR

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    hei ya, i removed the applications and installed from the market. So far, no restart or freeze.

    regarding indic, it will be great if you come up with some ideas. thanks again

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