Just Some Questions Before Flash Xiaomi Stable.

Apr 28, 2016
hi everybody :)
at this moment i'm using an italian miui.it rom 6.1.7.
i'd like to flash xiaomi.eu stable.
before make some mistakes i'd like ask you something.
1. question
does last stable rom for mi4c xiaomi.eu_multi_libra_V7.3.1.0.LXKCNDD_v7-5.1.zip
lock bootloader ?

at this moment when i'm on fastboot and type command "fastboot oem unlock" i receive "OK". so is it correct install
TWRP_libra.zip and then UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.65-20151226141550.zip
and then install
stable rom
xiaomi.eu_multi_libra_V7.3.1.0.LXKCNDD_v7-5.1.zip ?

passing from miui.it to xiaomi.eu which wipe i have to do ?
sorry for my questions but i'm afraid to brick my mi4c so i prefer to ask.
sorry also for my english :)

i never made official miui procedure to unlock bootloader, i only asked and received from miui my code to unlock but i never found a clearly italian procedure to unlock so i never did. i only understood that for the official procedure to unlock i have, before, to flash an original xiaomi rom so i'm blocked :)
if it possibile in my situation to flash xiaomi.eu rom without problem like a describe before i prefer :)
thank you very much
bye :)
Apr 28, 2016
thank you very much.
i'll try this rom whitout unlock bootloader with ufficial tools.
do you think its better to change my recovery or do you think will be ok ?
first of all i'll make a nandroid backup so, if its possible, i think its better to use same version of twrp.
Mar 17, 2016
#4 is ok.

After flash your ROM, you will see a different TWRP, because xiaomi.eu stable include last(?) TWRP (for example, 7.1.6 include TWRP 3.0.0-4 by team Superluminal)