New K30 pro Miui Control center bug

Paul Johnssen

Oct 18, 2020
Every time I open the control center it freezes (only when Android R easter egg is anabled) and I have to restart my phone.


Feb 13, 2021
I face the same problem and when I disable easter cat, the problem is solved.
How to turn off the Android 11 Easter Egg game
After playing around with the Android 11 Easter Egg game, cats will periodically visit as long as the game is enabled. To stop the game completely and prevent any more cats from visiting, you can follow the following step to turn the game off. The game progress will be saved when the game is disabled and the cats previously collected can still be seen through the cat menu.
To turn off the game, return back to the game page with the green dial and turn the dial to the end again until a cross icon show at the bottom of the screen.
If the icon does not show simply pull the dial back and try again.

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