Kernel/Rom Compatibility

Dec 6, 2012
Hey all.. Have an interesting question.. I see there's many many ROMs based on CM 10.2.. I have found a ROM/Kernel that works excellent for me in terms of battery and performance.. its the over clocked version of CM 10.2 by cofface.. although, I really love the Look and Features of Mokees ROM which I'm pretty sure is based on CM10.2..
I was wondering if it is possible to use the over clocking kernel with mokees ROM.. if so,how do I go about doing this?
Excuse my lack of knowledge of development..

Edit -
Okay,I tried an idea and failed. I replaced the boot.img from Mokees ROM with the boot.img from the over clock ROM,failed to install. lol. should have known it wouldn't be this easy.. x_x
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