keyboard does not appear

Jul 10, 2014
Hi fellow Mi3 users! Just unpacked my new phone. Everything is working accept the keyboard. Whenever I need to use the keyboard it does not pop up in the bottom of the screen.

I have been searching for this on the forum but could not find any topic related to this problem.

Does anyone of you can help out?

it has Android 4.3


I don't know why but without SIM card the keyboard appeared. Strange.
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Jul 10, 2014
Have you done any changes in keyboard settings? If yes, clean app cache in Settings - apps - "your keyboard". Do you have Input methods in notification area? And also did you check in Settings - language and input, that your keyboard is there and is active?

You can also try installing other keyboard from Google Play. Download it via PC. You can try TouchPal or Swiftkey...