Xiaomi LEAKED! Possible Xiaomi MiTV Set top Internet Device


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Nov 6, 2010
Some news from one of the other Xiaomi based news sites xiaomifans.com reported on this first but I wanted to share it with you all here too!

Center is the alleged new MiTV device Motherboard prototype along side The Apple TV for comparison. As the picture shows, the MiTV motherboard is considerably more involved in respects of the overall hardware. As we've come to expect from Xiaomi they only work with the latest processors and are focused on high-end devices.

It is reported that the device will come with HDMI HD output and AV composite video output functions, support for Wi-Fi and Wired LAN network access, and also other basic functions consistent with the Apple TV unit.

MiTV set-top box may be compatible with AirPlay and DLNA licensing. This would mean a variety of devices such as the Mi-2, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, iPhone and other supported devices would be able to stream and receive movies and music streams

Apple's Air Play streaming media technology, Apple TV is currently only supported via Apple Air Play Video playback, it would mean the MiTV box could be used to map access to Apple TV iOS devices to play videos on TV devices.

It is also rumoured that the device will run using Android, version undisclosed as of now. Also, the device has been prototyped and tooled and is now being tested internally and with partners to test the devices capabilities before more users are allowed to test / purchase the engineering sample.

Let us know what you think!