'location Set By App' Notification


Feb 10, 2018
Hello! Love my Xiaomi Mi 6 but there's one small issue that's becoming very irritating.

I have GPS features on and that's not a problem, but various apps consistently need to tell me that they've found the location... For example, when I'm using Snapchat, I'll see consistent notifications that pop up saying 'Location Set by Snapchat'. Here's the thing: I don't care. I don't want to see this notification but the minute I swipe it away, it's back.

It happens in other apps too, like Instagram. I don't want to turn GPS off as I use it in these apps, but I've dug deep and cannot find anything related to these notifications themselves.

There must be a way to stop it notifying you that the location has been found? I've also been through the apps settings themselves and there's only really options to turn GPS or notifications off all together, and that's not a good solution.

Hope somebody can help!