Logcat of reboot?


Apr 2, 2011
Hey guys. Just a quick question, mostly for the devs in here i suppose. I got an issue with a reboot, which i can't really troubleshoot as i get nothing from logcat on it.

What happens is: If i go to Gallery, select any photo, then tap on it to get the menu bar in the top and bottom, then click on the "wallpaper" icon to set it as either lockscreen or desktop.
If i choose one of the options, everythings ok. But if i simply click the icon again to close the menu, the phone stalls/freezes a copule of seconds, then reboot.

Same thing happens if i press "Menu" button on home screen, select wallpaper, select either desktop or lockscreen, click on a random wallpaper, then click on the options icon in the bottom right corner and click it again to try to close the menu.

I can't get a logcat out of this, it produces nothing at all, so i have a hard time narrowing down the problem.

Don't know if users of miuiandroid got the same issue? (I'm using a patchrom build)
Does anyone know what could cause this reboot? And perhaps even what smali i should look for to patch it?