Major bug - Android Auto screen casting completely broken

Nov 8, 2018
Android Auto doesn't work at all - car screen shows black bars on top and bottom, no menu buttons, touch is non-responsive, it's completely broken. Looks like screen casting is broken on many Xiaomi phones and transmits wrong screen aspect or something like that. There is XDA topic that has people complaining of the same problem on different cars and different Xiaomi phones, even A2 with stock Android. One person reported that rom fixed that on his phone (different model). But so far there is no ROM for this device. Has anyone solved this problem? This is major - we have actually chose our new car because of Android Auto, so it has to work. I'm sure there are many people like us. I can't believe Xiaomi haven't tested Android Auto... I have bought Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro for my wife, and I have ordered Xiaomi Mi Max 3 for myself, and this is a disaster if one or both could not work with Android Auto. We have it in both cars! Any advice on what to try or how to fix this is highly appreciated. If any ROM developers are reading this - please test this and fix this in your ROM! Looks like it's possible at least in some ROMs for some phones.