Managed To Nearly Break My Mi4s

Apr 13, 2017
Hi everyone,

I downloaded the current ROM from this forum (sorry, not allowed to paste links yet) (file: I copied that file to my MI4s internal storage and started TWRP (
When I Select "Install" > "", that does not work, since it tells me:

E3004: This package is for "aqua" devices; this is a "h815".
Error executing updater binary in zip ...
Error flashing zip ...

After that, my phone can be rebooted without issues, but still in MIUI 7.

What's the matter? I followed the download paths for the MI4S and AFAIK, MI4S should have "aqua" board; why this is not detected/applied correctly for my device?
Please find attached Screenshots and photos of relevant screens.


Jun 21, 2016
Good Morning. that twrp is not compatible with rom android 7, and you can not go from the rom that you have, to that other in that way

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