Release [mgs Team & Contributors] Xiaomi Localized Apps Collection (24th March)

Jan 2, 2013

[ Project Information ]
  • Xiaomi Is Great China Tech Company With Quality & Valuable Smart Products.
  • Beside Mobile Devices Powered By Xiaomi Created MIUI OS(Customized Android Based OS), Xiaomi Manufacturing Wide Range Of Smart Gadgets & Home Appliances.
  • In Order To Provide The Best User Experience Xiaomi Developers Created Various Android Apps With Main Purpose Of Handling Mentioned Gadgets Via Android Devices.
  • Probably Because Main Xiaomi Market Is Asia, Many Upper Mentioned Apps Dont Have Multilanguage Or Even English Localization But Our Mission Is To Change That Situation.
  • This Thread Is Showcase Of MGS Team Xiaomi Apps Localization Project And Will Be Updated Regularly Upon New Languages Are Added Or Apps Updated By Xiaomi
  • Every App Have English & Chinese Languages And Many Of Apps Have Up To 20+ Languages
  • This Project Is Fully Active Soon New Apps & Languages Will Be Added

[ Download Xiaomi Apps ]





MiFit_1.3.412 (MiBand)

MiHealth_1.3.3 (App For iHealth Device)


MiRouter_1.0.60 (Compatible With MiRouter & MiRouter Mini Devices)

MiSmallAnts_1.3.6 (Xiaomi YI Camera)

MiSmartHome_1.4.6 (Xiaomi Smart Home App)

MiSportCamera_1.3 (Xiaomi Sport YI Camera)

MiSoundBar_1.1.1 (Xiaomi Sound Bar For MiTV2)



MiWifiPortable_1.1.755 (Xiaomi Portable WiFi)

SuperMarket_R.1.4.2 (Xiaomi App Market)

[ List Of Contributors / Translators Per Language ]
    • English (,, MarkH-UK, FD-ghost, hpro, hong.weichyi, kin-cheng)
    • Chinese (Xiaomi,
    • Polish (Acid,
    • Slovak (ingbrzy,
    • Czech (kynio,
    • Bulgarian (MIUI.BG)
    • Hungarian (vagyula,
    • French (cpasmoi, guiluge, burnarz)
    • Russian (
    • Croatian (Masva, MIUI Adria)
    • Vietnamese (Belmont-Gabriel)
    • Italian (
    • Greek (Xiaomi-Miui Hellas TEAM)
    • Norwegian (datagutt,
    • Dutch (jacketti, cueie, redmaner)
    • Spanish (rpperezr and spanish users)
    • Turkish (Celaleddin, ekilciler)
    • Brazilian-Portuguese (MIUIBrasil,
    • Portuguese (Efex)
    • Macedonian (thenewmaker, MIUI Adria)
    • Thai (hpro)
    • German (hpro, AndroidFuchs)
    • Romanian (gtiu)
    • Indonesian (kennyanthony)
    • India / Hindi (fksgs2)
    • .......... More To Come ..........
[ Credits ]
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Sep 21, 2014
That's great news, thank you to all. I think with this project Xiaomi will have much more customers outside on China, like Europe and it is great to have many MIUI apps in European languages.So thank you for your work

Proudly owner Xiaomi Mi 3W
Jan 2, 2013
[ Changelog ]

- 5.3.24 -
  • All Apps Rebuilded With Latest App & Translations Versions
- 5.3.19 -
  • Added MiSmartHome App For Various Xiaomi Home Related Products (Routers, Smart Bulb, Smart Socket, Air Purifier....) - Thanks Mark HUK For Translation

- 5.3.15 -
  • Added MiHealth App For iHealth Device - Thanks @malchik-solnce For Recompile & Mark HUK For Translation

- 5.3.13 -
  • All Apps Completely Rebuilded
  • Added Few New Languages To Some Apps
  • Fixed Translation For Some Apps

[ Per App Languages ]

Notice : All Apps Have English & Chinese Languages So Those Will Not Be Mentioned


[ Upcoming Apps]

  • MiHealth (Xiaomi App For iHealth Device) ~ Done
  • MiSmartHome (Xiaomi Smart Home App For Various Xiaomi Devices) ~ Done
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Apr 21, 2016
Hi guys,

Does the Mi Health app work with any Android phone? What is the difference between Mi Health and Mi Fit? Do we need them both? I have a MiBand and if would be awesome to have another great fitness app that it can sync with.
Sep 21, 2014
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