Mi 10 Ultra - Persiscope Camera Shenanigans


Jul 9, 2018
Hi All,

This isn't related to MIUI.eu but my Mi 10 Ultra is showing some weird behaviour and I was wondering if anyone else who owns one can see if theirs does it too?

I have had my Ultra since August, and yester morning I noticed a very fine scratch in the corner of the periscope lens camera.
So I put it in 5x zoom, and saw that it didn't impact on the image. Then I realised that if I put my finger over this lens entirely, there was still no impact to the zoom!

So if we look from top, "Silver island" lens should be 5x zoom but covering it has no effect on any zoom level.
The next one down is the 2x zoom, interestingly if I cover this with my finger, it's mostly covered, but occasionally will jump to the main lens for a second or 2 for no reason.
The third camera is the main lens, this is also the one that is being used for 5x zoom and above, like they're taking a crop from that module as they did in my Mi Note 10 (and I assume the Mi 10 Pro, which I think is what the Ultra ROM is based off?)
And of course the final one is the incredibly poorly-positioned ultrawide

I've recently upgraded to Android 11 - MIUI (RJJCNXM) so I've no idea whether this behaviour has always been the case, or if this upgrade has caused an issue.
I noticed that since the upgrade, the dots on the camera app for the "preset zooms" has gained a new option, a somewhat pointless 0.8x ultrawide which again just seems to be a crop of the ultrawide.

So, can anyone else test and confirm this? Has the latest upgrade "disabled" the periscope zoom?

Further diagnostics...

If I put the camera app into 5x zoom and cover the 3rd lens with my finger, the photo is obscured, if I put my finger over the periscope lens nothing happens

The same behaviour is displayed for 10x zoom, and any zoom up to 14.9x

However, once it goes into 15x zoom and above, you see "picture within picture" and the viewfinder does seem to be powered by the periscope, and the main 3rd lens is then responsible for the mini image in the corner, please see my attached screenshot, where I have covered the periscope lens with my finger.

So I guess what I'm wondering is...

1) Is my phone screwed?
2) Are 5x to 14.9x zoom shots taken with the main lens by default, by design or is this a bug?
3) Has this behaviour always been the case, or only since I upgraded?

I'm on Android 11 - MIUI (RJJCNXM) which was an OTA update
If it's any use my baseband is c7-3033.23-0120_2103_79a330f and my kernel is


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Nov 28, 2020
Hi the periscope lens is used when there is sufficient light because it use a lower aperture (f/4.0 if I remember correctly) instead of the main lens who use a f/1.8 aperture. The 0.8x toggle is the same as the macro toggle.