New Mi 10 - Unbalanced speaker frequency response


Oct 17, 2020
Hello, I'm new here so I hope I'm doing things right.
I installed the latest beta on my Mi 10 (12.2 - 20.10.16), coming from a Vodafone Europe MIUI 11 (, if I'm not mistaken), and I instantly noticed something was up with the audio. I run Magisk v21 with no audio modifications installed.

I started diving deeper into the issue, and it seemed to me that the speaker on the bottom of the phone sounded more bassy, while the one on the top sounded tinny. My doubts were instantly cleared when I fired up an audio test with a sine sweep from 20Hz to 20KHz on both speakers, and I noticed that the audio started a little bit on the bottom side, to then slowly shift to the top when going up the frequency spectrum.

Is this to be expected? It doesn't seem to me it should happen on a phone with supposedly symmetrical speakers.

I also noticed that above 60% volume, the audio turns instantly tinnier, as if an equalizer that lowers the volume of the bottom end was applied, while volume in general seems lower than before.

Changing the audio preset in the sound effects settings doesn't seem to make a difference.

I don't recall any of the issues happening on the previous ROM.

Thanks in advance for the help.