Mi 10S Xiaomi EU ROM error (Mi video, Telegram, bad camera)


Jun 29, 2021
Hi there,

I'm using Mi 10S for a while now, been switching to XiaomiEU ROM for a couple of months. This ROM is stable build, can use for long term. However I've spotted some error even in newest version 12.5.5 it is still not being fixed yet.

- Mi video always crash, lag when playing video
- Really bad camera quality :(( You know MI 10S posses a good camera enough, a great speaker so we shouldn't down its camera right? xD
- When you play voice message in Telegram, the phone will lag, screen go off, and phone will be stunned.

That's all error I've encouraged, just for your information and hope The Team can have it fixed in next release...

Thank you for your attention. Do anybody have the same error as me?