MI 10T Pro: From 12.6 (21.7.28) weekly to stable


Dec 28, 2021
I know that formatting data is required to go from weekly to stable (because it's considered a downgrade), but 10T Pro users haven't got a fully working beta release since july due to a camera bug. I read that "12.6" is only a beta tag from Xiaomi.eu (not actually a 12.6 version) so, in this particular case, going from a july/weekly to a december/stable is also considered a downgrade? Can I just simply flash the stable version without formatting data? Thanks

Igor Eisberg

Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
It's most likely a downgrade. We used the "12.6" version to give you the hint that Stables are normally months old in terms of code base, it doesn't matter if it was released after the particular Weekly (an exception would be if the Stable was released like a year after the Weekly you're using).