Mi 10T Pro not detected in Windows 10 OS desktop computer


Jul 14, 2021

I REALLY hope someone can help here because I am really mad at how buggy these days Xiaomi devices are!

I need to transfer files from my computer to my Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro device.

I need to transfer about 7.5GB of data and the most convenient for me way will be by connecting directly the smartphone with my computer.

However, when I plugged in my phone via USB (2.0), I am not seeing it next to the other drives in "This PC".

I've tried so far these actions:

- The Win 10 and MIUI are updated to the latest versions available;
- The USB cable for the connection is the one that came with my phone package, the official one from Xiaomi;
- The USB port on the phone and computer is working because as soon as I connect my device, it starts charging;
- I've enabled "USB debugging" as well as set the "Files transfer" in the Default USB Configuration section in the "Developers" menu;
- I've installed the "MiPCSuite" program and tried to connect it this way. However, when I connect the device via USB, it is not recognized there also;
I have activity log from the program, if that will help.
- I've installed wpdmtp.inf, as it is stated here - https://wasconet.com/solution-xiaomi-phone-connecting-usb/;

Can you please help me?


May 1, 2018
I have the same phone, I had trouble connecting to a windows 10 laptop, but no issues connecting to a linux pc. My wife has the same issue on her samsung s20 fe. Not detected on windows 10, works on linux. Could be an Android 11 issue, or maybe a compatibility issue with windows 10. Had no issues before on Android 10.