Mi 11 root

Aug 28, 2021
I have already installed Xiaomi.eu on Mi 11 via TWRP Recovery and now I'd like to root it, but every guide I found had a different procedure. Most of them say that you can just change the .apk to .zip and install it via TWRP recovery just like I did with Xiaomi.eu but without formatting the disk, while other have a way more difficult procedure that I haven't even understood. Which is the right way?


Apr 19, 2014
Hey, the page seems to be unavailable. Could you reshare it? Thanks!
to install magisk for a12 without twrp follow this…
you have to patch boot.img and install it with fastboot

unhide magisk by itself and disable the modules before update

Good description:


use canary version magisk for a12 example links
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Oct 29, 2021
alternative way (I just used it on my MI 11 Ultra, that's been upgraded to latest stable :
1. download latest "platform-tools-windows" (it's also present in each fastboot ROM)
2. download latest twrp from twrp.me, rename to twrp.img and copy into platform-tools-windows folder
3. download latest Magisk Canary, copy into Internal Storage of the phone and install it (don't delete the apk file from phone)
4. put the phone into fastboot
5. command line from platform-tools-windows folder
6. fastboot boot twrp.img
7. TWRP should start, there:
7.1 backup boot partition (if anything goes wrong, you can always boot this TWRP and restore this partition)
7.2 Advanced > Flash Current TWRP
7.3 Reboot System
8. if system boots successfully, fine, we can continue with Reboot into Recovery; if not, repeat steps 4-7 and restore boot partition and reboot system (and don't continue to next points)
9. we are now in TWRP, there:
9.1 backup boot partition
9.2 Install -> choose Magisk Canary file and install it
9.3 optional step: backup boot partition again (and you will have backup that contains TWRP and is rooted, it could come handy some time in the future)
9.4 Reboot System
10. if system boots successfully, great, it should be fully rooted; if not, boot into recovery and restore boot partition from step 9.1