Mi 11 Ultra Fingerprint not Working after Display Repair


May 7, 2022
Hello there!
I've seen a similar post but it didn't help me with my problem.
I broke my Mi11 Ultra the first week I got it, so I bought a replacement screen from ********** (since Xiaomi Support Germany didn't want to sell me one for my Chinese Mi 11...).
It was a screen unit with frame and buttons.
After putting the phone together Everything works except the fingerprint scanner.

I tried calibrating it like shown in other threads (I own a Relife calibration tool since I run a repair shop). Didn't work at all, failed at first step.
Then I rooted my phone, deleted the goodix folder and now my calibration page looks like on the pic.
I'm so done with this phone and Xiaomi after what I went through, I just want to get it fixed and sell it ASAP.

Please anyone, what can I do I'm so tired and done...
Best regards


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