Mi 11 Widevine, Security etc.


Jan 19, 2021
Hi guys,
i want to buy a Mi 11 on tradingshenzen, because i don't want to wait for the global version to get released and save some money, but i have some questions. Since the Chinese ROM only has the Chinese and English language, bloatware etc., i think about installing xiaomi.eu stable/weekly ROM.

Is the camera worse or the same as in the original ROM?
Any other disadvantages?

Will widevine still be L1(even with Magisk) or do we have to wait for the global ROM so you can implement it?

Does SafetyNet still pass on the Mi 11 with no issue? (without Magisk)

If i go back to the stock CN or Global ROM, is it possible to lose Widevine forever or sth. like that? (Is flashing around safe?)

Is data encryption supported?

Are banking apps supported, particularly S-pushTAN?(without Magisk)
I would really appreciate it, if somebody that already has a Mi 11 (with CN or Xiaomi.eu ROM) could download and run this app without Magisk(It will instantly close, if it detects sth. There is also no need for registration etc.)(com.starfinanz.mobile.android.pushtan)
This app is very sensitive with things like that
That would really help me out