MI 12.5 Updating issues on Redmi Note 8


Jan 29, 2021
Good afternoon everybody!
My name is Federico, I write from Italy.
I own a Redmi Note 8 phone and one month ago, due to proximity sensor issues, I decided to try MIUI 12.5 weekly
Almost everything is working fine and I was able to update it once to 21.1.6 Beta through the update utility. Everything went smooth, it entered TWRP mode and updated itself.
From then onwards I cannot update the phone: it downloads the update normally, but when i push Install it says that files are encrypted and I'll be asked the password in order to derypt them. Then enters TWRP and no password is asked, all the files including the update are encrypted and I cannot go further....
I've tried to remove the password as someone suggested in other threads but with no results.
Sorry if this topic has already been covered somewhere else....
Thanks in advance for your help.