Mi 3:problem with latest eu builds and CWM

Jun 17, 2014
I have some time cwm installed with true dual boot activated.
Every week I updated to the latest eu build without any problem.
With the update of 7/10/14 it seems all my settings and custom apps were gone.
When I tried to backup the apps and settings, I had a lot of processes that stopped and problems.
I wiped system 2 (active system) and cleared cache and dalvik cache and reinstalled the same rom again on system 2.
It was very strange, I got the few apps I had normally on system 1, and I had again the problem with processes that stopped. I don't understand how these apps come here, because I did a full wipe, I'm sure.
I have the same with the rom package from 1 week later, but when I reinstalled the 31/10/14 rom, everything is back to normal .
What can I do to solve this?