Mi 4&windows 10 Mobile Need Help!

Jun 3, 2016
I have try to flash my Mi 4 LTE-CU 2/16 with windows10mobile but always get an error "reached the end of the file.(0x80070026: Receiving Hello Packet)"
All is good and phone good recognised on COMport10, adress properly entered to pickup a file...
All as described in 1st post of a tutoriall from this page
After that error (about 2s of start flashing) i pull off phone from USB cable and it´s not bricked at all. Working like a charm, but i need to flash w10m ROM in my Mi 4.
Where i am wrong or HELP me to solve "reached the end of the file.(0x80070026: Receiving Hello Packet)" eroor/problem and to do a flash phone with w10m.

Jun 3, 2016
YES, i made it!
Removing all necessary files to another PC with W10 x64 system and manually choosing flash files through Browse/Advanced tab i made it from first pass!!!
Here are picture of a manually choosed files (in the middle are my traces to the ROM folder/file:

Now, my Mi 4 LTE-CU 2/16 working under W10M like a charm!!!
On W10M i have noticed only couple thisadvantages:
- no dt2w/dt2s option, could not off vibration for embeded sensor tasters, no Glance, litlle quieter sound for ringing than the android and that is all disadvantages (for me)
All working wlud (compared to my Lumia 640 LTE) and faster (2GB RAM is point and 2.5GHz cpu).