mi 8 bootloop

Feb 16, 2019
I bought a mi8 with open bootloader and tried to install xiamoi.eu rom. Now I'm stuck in the 'powered by android' boot screen.

How I installed the rom:
1. installed TWRP_dipper via fastboot
2. wiped the phone
3. Copied this 'xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_V10.2.2.0.PEACNXM_v10-9.zp' to the internal storage
4. Installed the rom

I can't access the TWRP menu anymore. If i try to start it, I get to the 'powered by android' bootloop screen. I've already tried flashing twrp again.
**Edit: I installed a newer twrp version and can now start it***

thanks for help.
Hope I have no Brick now
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