New mi 9, vowifi not working on 802.11n (ONLY AC)


Nov 2, 2020
i have a xiaomi mi 9 and for some reason, vowifi is not on when connected to 802.11n network (wifi4)
but if i am connected to 802.11ac network (wifi5), it turns on and i can talk over wifi

a few minutes ago i have found that if i toggle on wifi hotspot on my phone for a few seconds, vowifi will turn on and stay even if i turn off the hotspot, but will disappear again if i disconnect from the network.

is there something that can be done about this behavior? my girlfriend has a huawei p20 pro that can use vowifi regularly even on 802.11n networks

update: on another 802.11n network, toggling on hotspot didn't turn on vowifi, but switching band from 2.4 to 5ghz or 5 to 2.4 makes vowifi toggle on
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