Mi A1 call quality issues due to poor reception


Oct 1, 2018
I have bought a new Mi A1 for my wife one month ago (64GB version) from a Chinese online retailer. The phone is great, we love the pure Android experience (had MotoG's in the past, I use a Nexus now) and most of the functions are really nice (good battery, fast processor, good WiFi connection, nice camera). The only thing (apart from a problem with the Google Now app that seems to be solved by an update) is that the GSM and GPRS connection is really very poor, meaning that if the signal is anything worse than perfect, the call quality deteriorates to a degree that sometimes it is very difficult to hear and be heard and when the signal in the area where you are is a little worse, reception is totally lost. Moreover, when she enters an area without any signal (like an underground garage) and then moves out of it, the phone takes a very long time (sometimes 15 minutes) to connect again to the grid and be able to make and receive calls again... When I compared the reception of this phone to my LG Nexus that has the same provider, the difference was huge !!
Thinking that the SIM card might be the cause of this problem, I asked the provider to give me a new one, but this didn't change anything...

Does anyone have an idea about what can be done to solve the problem ?