Mi Box 3: How to downgrade?

Jul 11, 2018
Hello, i have update the mi box to oreo firmware and i'm very frustrated of this upgrade.
I would to downgrade my mi box to MM firmware but i have an error when i update in recovery:
This package is for "once" devices; this is a " ".
I need help please, someone for help me?
Aug 13, 2017
Many others have asked here and elsewhere a simple search would have shown that. Im answer you cant all past routes relied on the os being rooted

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Jul 20, 2018
This is just stupid... The Oreo release has obvious bugs that makes the device unusable. Why not give the users the ability to downgrade back to the original 6.01 release? It just makes sense to allow this to happen, instead of trying to plug holes created by Oreo.

Due to the stutter in Audio, I am about to dump this box for a more stable environment. It is such a pity though, as it is a good box, but the problems just keep on mounting!