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Mi Box 4k - How To Power Off?

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi TV' started by Altembas, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Altembas

    Altembas Members

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    Hi all,
    I've upgraded to the newest firmware. The option to specify what the power off button does is no longer there.
    How do I turn off the box? I know I can reboot and make it go to sleep.
    I have no clue how to turn it off safely so that I can move it to another room.
    I think this may be an actual bug in the firmware...
  2. ingbrzy

    ingbrzy Xiaomi.eu Multilang leader Staff Member

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    press power off button 2x
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  3. Altembas

    Altembas Members

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    I don't think this is working :(
    When I press the power off button 2x very quickly the box goes to sleep and then wakes immediately.
    When I press the power off button long 1x then I get the menu with just 1 option 'reboot'. When I press the power off button again it goes to sleep.

    In both cases waking up takes about 5 seconds and I do not see the Android loading images.
    I already did one Factory Reset...

    There's a similar thread here
    reddit. com/r/AndroidTV/comments/5eprm5/is_there_any_way_to_shutdown_the_xiaomi_mi_box/
    and it looks like someone proposed the same solution.
    So what am I doing wrong?!
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017 at 4:12 PM

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