Mi Box Pro (enhanced) Mdz-18-aa - Recovery

May 29, 2016
Hello there!

I almost bricked my box recently and need your help :(

I have rooted and debloated Mi Box 3 Enhanced (with Mediatek CPU) and it works very good..... .....until yesterday.
When I saw info about newer firmware version I decided to upgrade!
I reboot to recevery, clean data and try to start fresh system.
Unfortunately, my system was too much debloated and it didn`t boot properly.

I only see initial creator (wi-fi settings, etc.) and not able to run any launcher (because the default launcher was removed by me).
Luckily I have firmware "update-kungfupanda.zip" on my USB drive, but I cannot install this! :(
I try many combinations on remote controller and many filenames for my zip file, but it didn`t help.

Do you have any ideas, how to install new firmware from USB??



Jul 29, 2015
you need to change usb settings away from where they are now set. Start recovery and select update-kungfupanda.zip.
Avoid deleting default launcher in future, it causes headaches, as you have seen. Use autorun-noboot apk to invoke your favorite launcher on startup.
You may be totally screwed if you cant change usb settings.