Mi Home app reporting update, but not updating (hangs at 0%)


May 28, 2015
Hi. I have a Xiaomi Aqara hub with some devices. Have been using it pretty happily over a couple of years. The Mi Home app currently reports an update being available, but upon me trying to update, it hangs at 0%. I have had this a couple of times before, often it's temporarily. The 'problem' is that i use the Xiaomi stuff in combination with Home Assistant, and when the Mi Home app sees there is an update, the app seems to stop working: if i open the app, all devices are greyed out, and Home Assistant can't connect.

I did a lot of searching on the web. One theory i read is it has to do with the great china firewall blocking the update somehow. Anyone with similar experiences, and maybe a solution? I already tried installing the latest apk from apkmirror, but that didn't succeed (and isn't my preferred way of working).

I would also love to be able to block the Mi stuff looking for updates in the future, since that apparently leads to my devices being blocked if one is detected and the update hasn't been applied :-(.


Apr 19, 2020
I can confirm also this, with Aqara G2 Camera, updates show 100% stay at that and nothing happens. I have contacted Aqara and they told me to contact MI support.


Nov 3, 2017
first allow in the settings of the Home App to install from unknown sources. I also use Xiaomi's GetApps, which updates my home app faster than the Playstore. As soon as Xiaomi updates the home app, GetApps also does it on my Mi Mix 3. So all bugs are fixed faster.
Hope this helps.