Mi Home automation problemes


Oct 4, 2020
Hello, I have a problemes with the automation of mi home:

1. I bought a Xiaomi smart home kit and was able to create automation but now I can't find the devices... See video:

2. And I have a motion detector of Xiaomi that I can't connect to Xiaomi Hub (it does not find him). What can I do to find it or rest it?
3. I have some yeelight smart bulb that I purchased online And I found that they only connect to Chinese servers (on mi home) and the hub I bought from Israel doesn't connect to a Chinese server.. Is there a way to link the yeelight smart bulb to the mi home app to create an automation with Xiaomi smart devices?

In addition, I have some questions that are related to, I bought aqara sensors without knowing that I also need an aqara hub... The question is if I buy a hub of aqara:
1. Will it be adapted to an Israeli server?
2. If the hub is adapted to an Israeli server, can I link the aqara devices (that I purchased online) to the aqara hub (that is connected to an Israeli server)?
3. If I can connect everything to the Israel server, can I control Xiaomi's smart LEDs/light or just aqara products?

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Oct 27, 2020
Same problem here from some weeks ago!
Its seems that xiomi limited the sensors and devices that connected with the hubs.
I tryed to change the region to Mainland China and the hub detects the sensors again.

for your additional question 1,2,3 if its all aqara products it should work with aqara hub (there are packages with all devices sold as one unique product so should work together), but it depends on the region product support on the mi app.
An example, in Portuguese region my mi smart hub only support 6 devices. If i change to Mainland China is supports mora that 40.