Mi Home Security Camera 1080p Magnetic Mount - disable movement detection feature


Feb 11, 2022
I have Mi Home Security Camera 1080p Magnetic Mount and want to detect people in entrance of a building.
I configured surveillance settings to send notification only if some person is detected and disabled movement notifications.
I disabled movement notification because there are some sunlight blinking in the entrance and in this case the camera sends me false notifications.
Despite this the camera records 'movement' sunlight and there is a interference with person detection.
For example: Camera starts recording of blinking for 10secs every 3mins (it is minimum alarm interval) and when immediately after that some person appears in the entrance the camera does not record surveillance video chunk and does not send me alarm notification

Is there some workaround of this in Mi Home? Is it possible totally to switch off movement detection (not only disable movement detection notification) and leave only person detection?