Mi IH Rice Cooker with Xiaomi Home App problems


May 13, 2020
To summarise unable to setup the Mi IH Rice Cooker with the Xiaomi Home APP on IOS 12 or IOS 13 devices.

-Mi account set to Chinese Mainland
-Region set to China (fails for UK also)

The setup process in the app seemingly works fine. Cooker connects to the wifi ok. Setup completes. However on returning to 'home' screen cooker is not present.

Any idea?

The cooker was purchased in the UK with a UK plug. Xiaomi advised it was not UK stock so passed me ti Xiaomi global. They have advised try on android, sadly donm't have an android device new enough to run the Xiaomi home app.

Anyone seen similar or have a workaround? Be good to fully control the cooker..