[Mi Laser Projector] Bugs detected in the latest update of the Operating System 17/01/2020


Jan 21, 2020

I am a new member in this community, to wich I joined in order to solve a problem that probably affects more users than me.
I will show my case, it's possible that somebody could help me:

I acquired the projector referenced in the subject at the beginning of October 2019 (https://www.mi.com/es/mi-laser-projector-150/) and until now everything had worked like a charm.
On Friday 17/01/2020 the Operating System was updated, and functions that allowed me to perform before without problem, now gives me an error:
  • I can't send videos to YouTube. Before the update, whenever I was using the projector (regardless of which application I was using), I could send a video that was playing on YouTube through "Send my screen
    " from my mobile. Now even beeing in the projector's own YouTube app, I can't send from my mobile. I get an error while trying.
  • The Movistar + app has stopped working correctly. As soon as I try to play any program, I get an error that prevents me. I can navigate through it, without problems, but I can not watch any videos, except advertising.
Apart from these very serious problems, I have detected changes that bother me, but are solvable and can be taken as suggestions for improvement (basically, leaving them as they were). These are the following:
  • I have the projector plugged into the stereo through a minjack cable. Before the update, as soon as I turned on the stereo, the sound of the projector was also heard around. Let's say the headphone output was always active. Now every time I want to use this option I have to activate it specifically, deactivating by default the built-in speaker (which came in handy as a complement to the center of my sound system). It was only disabled when you specifically chose the audio output as headphones. You cannot use both outputs simultaneously.
  • The other matter is related to the first. The location of the "sound" option in the settings menu has been changed. Before it was directly in the first menu (along with the "image"), which seems logical since it is a widely used option; but now to get there you have to enter a submenu first, which makes a process that is used a lot more cumbersome.
I attach images of the errors that occur in each case and the data of my projector, as well as the current version of the Operating System. Sorry to ignore which one was the previous one.

Yesterday, I made a reset and the first problem was solved (youtube), but the second is still happen and another one as critical have occured: Now all the HDMI sources doesn't work.

I have opened a thread in the spanish Xiaomi Community and there are more users with the same problems.
Is there anybody who know how to contact with development Operating System department to transmit these bugs?
I don't know if these Operating System updates are made from a global, continental o country site.

Thank for your help


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Feb 1, 2020
I have the same problem: HDMI ports stopped working after doing a factory reset with the android 9 firmware.

@grandman which path are you referring to?

I've chatted with xiaomi support but I haven't got any confirmation email so I don't know whether they actually opened a case...

Patch installed still problems with hdmi

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Jan 21, 2020

Right now I can't test the solution you propose because fortunately the store has changed my projector for one with the configuration that originally worked for me and so far everything works perfectly.
I will keep your solution, in case the update is produced again and the same thing happens again.

If someone decides to do so, please share your experience and results, in case it is up to others at some time.

Thank you


Apr 2, 2019
solution works, i have tested it. Had a problem with sky receiver when changed between channels, sound was disapearing. simple solution for this was to change audio output on sky receiver from dolby digital to STEREO. now volume is still there when change channels
maybee helps others too
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Apr 29, 2020

please let me ask one question into this running treat, as I dont think it needs a new one for this as well.
I bought the projector last year as an import from china, running it here in europe without having the opportunity to get any updates.

I already searched this forum, but i wasnt rly able to determine the solution.

Can you please help me, telling me how I can update my Mija 4k Laser Projector? Is there a manual, download linkor anything like that I can read over how to dodetermine the right firmware version, whatI exactly need and so on?

Thank you very much!


Jul 27, 2020
My mi laser global version anglee was automatically updated to Android version 9 buil 2021 on July 15th.

On previous version 8.1 everything was fine. Now but now on v9 I have the issue on hdmi that did not find signal.

It may have been fixed on build 2020 early this year but the new version build 2021 still has the problem.

A lot of other user have the same issue on other forums.


Jul 5, 2021
Hello, I was very happy with the Xiaomi mijia alpd 3.0
projector. I watch everything via HDMI input. Since yesterday this is no longer possible. No signal via Hdmi 1 and Hdmi 2. I tried new HDMI cables and again no signal. I need help to fix this because I can't take advantage of this. I bought the projector with a 1 year warranty. I'm asking for help because I don't know what to do now. Greetings from Switzerland and thank you.