Mi Max 3 Launching on 19th July at 7:30pm Beijing Time...

Jun 23, 2016
Using original Mi Max Prime (4/128). There were rumours about Mi Max prime version with SD 710, but were not confirmed at launch time. :/
SD 636 won't be any upgrade to SD 652. Also no flagship camera or NFC. I am quite disappointed.
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Jul 9, 2016
Go to china forum or 7to.cn and allways there is first twrp for phones from China, many times better than twrp from twrp.me

You have mi max1/2 or only 3? Can You compare phone. I will buy soon mi max 3, i have mi max 1
I see. Okay. I will do that. Thank you. :)

I'm holding a Max 1 now. I'm still waiting for my Max 3 to be delivered at the moment. I haven't seen a real Max 3 yet.

So, I can't compare them at the moment.