Mi Mix 2s weekly build

Aug 1, 2018

i see that mix 2s finally has a MIUI 10 weekly build so i wanted to try it,

my phone is hardware encrypted...
I can get to twrp, but from there i cant get anywhere.
/sdcard/ is encrypted which is where i guessed i would find my phones files (where i downloaded the package)

Is there anyone who has experience with this and could help me?

Thank you
Apr 13, 2018
There are enough instructions on the internet. You have to format the data partition. Then connect the mix 2s to the pc and copy the downloaded .zip on the phone and install.

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Mar 21, 2018
We have added the Mi Mix 2S builds (scroll down past the Mi Mix 2 builds)These are all global builds -- Since Xiaomi hasn't released any officially, here they areThe site will be automatically updated every few hours to get the new builds for each day.Note, this takes quite a bit of work to do for very little reward, so donations from those who this has helped are greatly appreciated!EDIT: Mistake in the title fixed, I initially wrote EMUI I meant MIUI TubeMate Psiphon Test DPC
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Apr 13, 2016
Just read. Please it is getting too much in this forum. Nobody reads The Posts created....

First of all: Long ago = one Week? c'mon, really? This is Not Long and they are doing this for free. Just be Patient. The Rom gets generated every week.

Secondly as written in The Rom Post. The Rom will be released on sunday because of internal tests
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Sep 26, 2018
Xiaomi is doing so much that others are not even considering. Our problem is that we start expecting too much. Weekly is far better than getting ignored, even if they for some reason skip one week that is acceptable. Atleast they are putting in the effort.So far happy with my mix 2s. Keep up the good work devs.