Mi Mix 3 Widevine L1 Support

Do you want HDR and FullHD support in Netflix, AmazonPrime, etc on your device?

  • Yes, I want to be able to see HDR and FullHD content on my phone

  • No, I am satisfied with low resolutions of my streaming services(480p/576p)

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Dec 26, 2018
Apparently everyone who pays a premium price for a device that is launched in 2018 and is the high-end product of that company is stuck with a L3 Widevine.
This means any streaming service that uses DRM like Netflix can only play 480p/576p.
Widevine is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature. Is there anyway to get L1? Is anyone at Xiaomi working to get this done? I mean, the phone has a HDR screen and 1080+ resolution. And apparently the Widevine certification is free.
Oneplus have sorted this out and Huawei updated the Mate 20X to update from L3 to L1
Jan 14, 2019
That's on a Sony device. What makes you think it is supported on the Mi Mix 3?
The article was regarding your question : Is there any such thing as HDR for video?
Yes there is such a thing as HDR for video .
I tought that the mi mix 3 would have it , but it seems that it only includes it for taking pictures