Mi Mop P delete map?


Nov 10, 2021

I recently bought Xiaomi Mi Mop P vacuum appliance. It's EU version so still on 3.5.3_0017 firmware version which doesn't support multiple rooms (thank you Xiaomi :emoji_thumbsdown:). So when I first set it up I tested it in my dinning room which is connected with kitchen. I hade save map option enabled. After testing I decided to move it and use it permanently in my upper floor with bedrooms and kids rooms.
I'm unable to delete first map device scanned. I tried to delete cache and data in my Mi Home app, tried full reset of Mi Mop P vacuum by holding home button. Add it again in app and after first cleaning new layout is mapped but if I try to go to Area Editor or want to set restricted zone my old map is showed.

New map scanned after cleaning up top floor; Save map option NOT enabled

Old map shown after I select icon for restricted zone on ABOVE new map

Old map displayed when I enter Area Editor

How can I reset everything to factory defaults and completely remove first map device scanned?

Thank you.